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Okay, well, I'm going to post things that struck me as interesting, because . . . that's what I feel like doing. I think only one of the things I'm about to post is a particularly insightful thought, but that's all right!

1. Enter Ross - Made me think of Friends. Whenever that character spoke, I always pictured that Ross. It was amusing.

2. Fantastical is a pretty cool word.

3. The witches' prophecies. It always interests me how prophecies work in different book universes. For example, in the Harry Potter universe, you have that prophecy about him and Voldemort. Most people I've talked to seemed to accept that prophecy as a fact, something that will definitely happen in the future. In this case, I think I'm inclined to agree, as this is a series about Harry Potter, and I don't really see Neville being the one to come out of nowhere to kill Voldemort or something like that. In the Harry Potter universe, I think Harry would have killed Voldemort or vice versa whether or not either of them ever knew of the prophecy. It's fate. In Macbeth, however, it seems to work a little differently. If Macbeth had never heard the witches prophecies, I don't think he, or his wife, would have ever plotted to kill Duncan. Malcolm would have been announced as heir, and Macbeth would've said "Yay!" and been happy with his other titles. It was only when the distinct possibility of greater power was introduced that Macbeth was interested in it.
I hope some of that made sense. If you haven't read Harry Potter 5, it probably didn't. :)

4. Come what come may - something Macbeth says towards the end of Scene iii. Definitely reminded me of Moulin Rouge.

5. The milk of human kindness - something Lady Macbeth says at the beginning of scene v. That's a lyric from a song I really like, but I had no idea it was originally from Shakespeare! Coolness.

6. Lady Macbeth is a great character. I had much fun saying her lines. If I'm ever in this play, I so want to be her.

Well that's all. Maybe now I should go read the Scarlet Letter? Or maybe have lunch. Lunch sounds better.
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