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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
8:07 pm
As with the previous post, I'm using this community as a personal hosting tool for the purposes of this entry on my journal.

Essay: 'role of government in private lives' form.Collapse )
8:06 pm
I'm using this community as a personal hosting tool.

Essay: 'new order of government' form.Collapse )
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
3:38 am
Oh, Minneapolis How I Long For Thee.

James Wright - "Outside Fargo, North Dakota"

Along the sprawled body of the derailed Great Northern freight car,
I strike a match slowly and lift it slowly.
No wind.

Beyond town, three heavy white horses
Wade all the way to their shoulders
In a silo shadow.

Suddenly the freight car lurches.
The door slams back, a man with a flashlight
Calls me good evening.
I nod as I write good evening, lonely
And sick for home.

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
6:06 pm
A random post made on a random day at a random time.

And that was random, and it had no point at all. It was either this or go finish homework...

A warning: Never attempt to read Aristotle's Poetics, unless you want to fall asleep. Just don't. Okay, so that wasn't random.

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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
11:14 pm
Hmm. . .
It's always dead in here. Let's discuss "To his Coy Mistress" by Marvell.

Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime.
We would sit down and think which way
To walk, and pass our long love's day;
Thou by the Indian Ganges' side
Shouldst rubies find; I by the tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the Flood;
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.
My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow.
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast,
But thirty thousand to the rest;
An age at least to every part,
And the last age should show your heart.
For, lady, you deserve this state,
Nor would I love at lower rate.

But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity.
Thy beauty shall no more be found,
Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound
My echoing song; then worms shall try
That long preserv'd virginity,
And your quaint honour turn to dust,
And into ashes all my lust.
The grave's a fine and private place,
But none I think do there embrace.

Now therefore, while the youthful hue
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,
And while thy willing soul transpires
At every pore with instant fires,
Now let us sport us while we may;
And now, like am'rous birds of prey,
Rather at once our time devour,
Than languish in his slow-chapp'd power.
Let us roll all our strength, and all
Our sweetness, up into one ball;
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Thorough the iron gates of life.
Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

Ah, metaphysical poets. You gotta love them. I mean comparing love to a vegetable. . .but he really doesn't care about love, he just wants to get in her pants. In ways this is a lot like Donne's "The Flea". Anyway, what do you guy's think.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
1:52 pm
Langston Hugues.
What does everyone think of the below poem? I read it a long time ago and I was surprised that it's John Kerry's campaign poem. It's obviously a cry for freedom, but what kind? Tell me what ya'll think. I wanna know.

Let America Be America AgainCollapse )

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
2:33 pm
Give Me What I Want and No One Gets Hurt.
Chaucer is a hack.

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
8:18 pm
Has anyone read this book? What do you think about Humbert? Is he a pervert, a controlling prick that wants everything his way? Or a loving, caring, father figure that liked to bone his step daughter? I think he loved Dolly and Dolly loved him, but not in the same way. The last couple of chapters prove this. I just think he was a misguided bloke who was attracted to younger women that made a terrible mistake. What are your guys' views on it?

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Monday, September 13th, 2004
4:31 pm
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
8:26 pm
Nought's had, all's spent,
Where our desire is got without content:
'Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.

- Lady Macbeth, III, ii, 4-7

There are some quality quotes in Macbeth, that's for sure.
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
11:53 am
Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
5:01 pm
(24 hour time)
Okay. I read Act One. Quickly. While eating a double cheeseburger at McDonald's.

What I got from the book is this. MacBeth is a General in the King of Scotland's army and he wins many battles and the king likes this so MacBeth gets more power because of it. Then, for no reason at all, MacBeth comes across a trio of witches in the forest with his lackey. The witches predict that MacBeth will be king and he believes them. He then thinks of a way to assassinate King Duncan. He's chicken and a loser so he convinces his wife to kill the king by seducing him and then killing him with a dagger. That's as far as I got. I find it pretty boring. MacBeth's a gullible pansy who has his wife do all the work. I also agree with Purplicious when she said that the prophecy would go unnoticed and MacBeth would never have become king if he didn't hear it himself. I believe he's a power hungry prick that loves fortune above everything else and the prophecy was just an excuse to do what he was planning.

I'll say again that I read it really fast and didn't absorb all the material. There were some good lines, but I don't have the book on me so I won't post them.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
12:02 pm
8:47 pm
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
8:26 pm
For those of you who have read at least the first act of MacBeth, don't you find it fascinating how quickly the image of MacBeth changes?

Yes, I'm avoiding spoilers. Can you really spoil such an old play? Hm. Anyway, if you haven't read MacBeth, you may want to do so. It is very good. I'll probably end up posting some thoughts from class.

Now, I should go work, as I have been saying for the last ... hour or two. Ooops.

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
5:33 pm
You know how I thought we were going to be reading Hamlet for English this year? We're reading MACBETH! Ha! So do we want to revive the original purpose of this community?

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Monday, July 5th, 2004
4:41 pm
So, anyone still interested in this community? Does it still actually have a purpose to serve?

Suppose I'll list what I'm reading or plan to read. I never seem to find the time to really get stuck into most books, though.

- The Teeth Of The Tiger by Tom Clancy - I'm halfway through this one, it's quite good plotwise but some of the writing leaves a little to be desired. Clancy, have you been reading too much pop fiction? André, have you just raised your standards?
- The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis - admittedly, this one's on my computer, which is a pain in the neck, but it is a WONDERFUL book and I highly encourage any of you to read it. Some fascinating theological insights. Lewis was a GENIUS.
- MacBeth and Othello by Shakespeare - I really need to complete MacBeth and read Othello, because they're due back at school when I return for the new term, though it's not as if they're in demand.
- Divine Comedy by Dante - need to finish this one too because Sam wants to read it. It's a great book, if a bit hard to follow at times.
- Avenger by Frederick Forsyth - the man's a master storyteller and he wrote the brilliant The Devil's Alternative. Enough said.
- I also have that book of poetry that I'm just about done with. Some quality poems, though if you want to discuss poetry with me, head on over to real_poetry.

Besides all that, I also like to flick through The Imitation Of Christ, the Catechism Of The Catholic Church, and various versions of the Bible. I don't feel they're the kinds of books you necessarily get the most from by simply reading cover to cover.

And ... that's about it. Have a good one, all.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
8:50 pm
Nabokov is a bloody genius!

That is all.

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
10:33 am
Hello folks,

We have this community, so I figure we should use it. I understand some of you may just be reading the same books as I am, so let's see what we can get going. We could at least use this as a forum for general discussion. Anyway, this is what I'll probably be reading over the coming three weeks;

- MacBeth by Shakespeare
- Othello by Shakespeare
- Divine Comedy by Dante
- The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy
- The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy of five by Douglas Adams
- The Catechism of the Catholic Church
- The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis
- A whole lot of poetry; recommend some good poets to me!

I think that's about it. I also plan on doing plenty of my own writing, so if you've friended thecataclysm, you should expect to see some updates.

Have a good one,

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
5:21 pm
No idea in the house and every book's been read ...
I have six days left at school for the term and need books to read over the holidays. Make your recommendations now! If we're lucky enough, we could read it as part of this community.

Hooray for short posts that are remarkably uncharacteristic for me!

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